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Faculty Recruitment of Tianjin University & Invitation of PEIYANG Forum for Young Scholars 27th-30th Apr 2016, Tianjin

Update time:2016-09-18
       As the first modern Chinese university founded in 1895, Tianjin University (TJU),with PEIYANG being its predecessor, has already been recognized highly nationwide and overseas for its motto of “Seeking Truth from Facts”, the school ethos of “Meticulous about the Knowledge” and the tradition of “Patriotic Dedication”. Supported by Chinese Ministry of Education, TJU is among the first group of universities to be included in the "985", "211" and "2011"Projects of national investment for developing world recognized universities. Over the years, TJU has grown into a world prestigious research university with distinctive quality and strength in education, research and social services. (www.tju.edu.cn)

       TJU has successfully implemented the project of “PEIYANG Scholars- Overseas Outstanding Youth Talents Recruitment Plan” since 2012, which is designed on the basis of talents zone to provide outstanding youth talents from abroad with the favorable environment of innovation and development in terms of the remuneration and administration methods in connection with the international standards.

       TianjinUniversity invites outstanding applicants for full-time positions of full professorship, and looks for candidates in the following areas.

Science or Engineering:
       Engineering, natural science, life science, pharmacy, marine science and technology, information technology, relevant emerging inter-disciplines, etc.

Other Academic Fields:
       Architecture, economics, business, management, social sciences, relevant emerging inter-disciplines, etc.
       Meanwhile, applicants with research background of multi-disciplinary and non-traditional approach are highly expected.

       Applicants shall be no more than 40 years old, holding a PhD degree with at least 2 years of working experiences at abroad. Excellent applicants shall be expected to be promising scholars who have obtained outstanding academic performance and international acknowledgements in their academic fields.

Salary and Benefits
       The appointee, who is successfully entitled National Youth “1000-Plan” by applying through TJU, shall be qualified for the benefits as following:
An annual pre-tax salary ranging from 400k to 600k, the relocation allowance of1.5 million, the academic title of professor, the arrangement of spouse’s work and children education.
The salary standards in other academic fields shall be formulated in references with that of science or engineering, and can also be pertinently adjusted according to the identity, credentials, and academic characteristics.

Work Supports
       The work supports concerning with the start-up funds, working space and enrolling quota of postgraduate shall be offered to appointee.

Forum Arrangements
       In order to help applicants getting well known about TJU, the PEIYANG Forum for Young Scholars in Science and Engineering will be hold from April 27to 30, 2016 at TJU. The invitee’s travel and accommodation will be covered by TJU. Each applicant’s reimbursement is no more than 10,000 RMB. More details can be referred to the website http://hr.tju.edu.cn/zpxx/js/.
The arrangements of the PEIYANG Forum for Young Scholars in other fields will be informed later.

Deadline for Applications
       Please submit a complete application package consisting of the following documents to oplan@tju.edu.cn.The application deadline is 15thApril 2016.
(1)  A detailed application form which can be downloaded from http://hr.tju.edu.cn/zpxx/js/;
(2)  A detailed curriculum vitae;
(3)  Publication list and five full-text representative publications.
Contact Person: Ms. ZHANG Yinlu, Dr. LIU Na
Human Resource Department, Tianjin University, China
E-mail: oplan@tju.edu.cn
Telephone: (+) 86-022-27402079
Fax:   (+) 86-022-27404177
Address:  B316/Building XINGSUN, 135 YAGUAN Road, JINNAN District,
Tianjin, 300350