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Introduction to Animation Major

Update time:2016-09-14
Characteristic of Animation Major
       Animation Major is set up in the Department of Visual Arts at SCS. We aim to improve the artistic merit, theoretical knowledge, innovation ability and comprehensive abilities of the students. Thus, in the training of the students, we adopt the two-phase training model of mixing general education with practicing in the workshop together. For general education, the students are required to master the basic knowledge, skills and methods necessary for this major. While in workshops, the students are required to put the knowledge into practice and produce creative works.
       Department of Visual Arts are equipped with excellent teaching facilities, including but not limited to Two-Dimensional Studio, Three-Dimensional Studio, Painting Room, Digital Contents Design Studio, Animation Design Classroom ,Animation Product Studio, Stop-Motion Studio and Post Editing Studio. Also there are many creative art workers with high academic capacity, good teaching ability are introduced to our department.
       With common efforts by our faculty and students, we made great achievements in the fields of animation creation, architectural animation, industry animation, virtual reality, and digital film production, etc. About 40 prizes are awarded to the works of our students annually in many different exhibitions, such as Asian youth animation exhibition, Tokyo International Film Festival, Chinese college students (Beijing) international animation festival, Chinese Academy Awards, and Shanghai international TV festival, etc.
        The study duration for Animation Major is 4 years. The application fields for this major is pretty wide and students can work in the following fields including but not limited to animation creation, architectural animation, industry animation, virtual reality, cartoon production, digital film production, the teaching and management works related to animation.

Graduate destination of bachelor students
       Since 2003, SCS have trained many excellent students, and now they are working in areas such as universities, broadcasting and TV departments, animation companies, commercial companies, TV program companies, game production companies, or other media companies. The employment rate is 100%. Beside, 20% of the students are recommended without examination for further study in famous universities in China, such as Communication University of China, Peking University, Capital Normal University, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, University of Science and Technology of China, Beijing Institute of Technology, Minzu University of China and Tianjin University, etc. Another 15% of the students prepared for the graduate admission examination and are enrolled for further studies in the famous universities. Other students are admitted and pursuing further study in famous universities abroad.