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Introduction to the training of graduate students

Update time:2016-09-13
       Tianjin University has a long reputation at home and abroad for its school motto of “Seeking Truth from Facts”. Based on the requirements of Tianjin University and National Demonstration Software Schools, SCS aims to train talents with Patriotism, International perspective, Solid knowledge foundation, Innovation and Pursuit of excellence.
       SCS have established the first Software and System Delivery Department worldwide cooperating with IBM, in order to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents with master or doctoral degree. Intel Embedded Technology Lab, IBM Innovation Lab, Google-Android Lab, Microsoft Innovation Lab and Tencent Innovation Lab are established. Furthermore, SCS have established TU-NTU Digital Media Lab together with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Double degree program for Master Students have been set up with Japan Advanced Institute of Science And Technology, University Of Technology Sydney, and Dalhousie University in Canada. Since 2015, SCS have been working on recruiting French Students pursuing master degree in Tianjin University by cooperation with EPITECH and Association Leonard de Vinci.
       An English Curriculum for Master Degree is set up. 3 textbooks are approved and granted by the “12th Five-Year Plan”. Currently SCS has opened 1 National Excellent Course, 5 MOE-INTEL and MOE-IBM Excellent Courses and 3 National MOOC Courses, and has achieved 2 Tianjin Teaching Achievement Awards (Second Prize). SCS has built National Engineering Experiment Center and Tianjin Teaching Demonstration Center on Digital Media.
       SCS currently enrolls graduate students under software engineering discipline. There are about 70 master candidates and 8 to 10 Ph.D candidates are enrolled annually. There are more than 50 master tutors and 13 Ph.D tutors in our School.
       The employment rate for our graduate students are 100% for years, mostly working in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou, etc. Some of the students continue to study for their master or Ph.D degree abroad. Most of them are employed in famous software developing companies or e-commerce companies such as Baidu or Microsoft; large state-owned enterprises such as China Unicom, China Construction Bank, or airline companies; or Scientific research institutions such as China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.