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Prize-winning teams from the School of Computer Software at Tianjin University in the 9th "Intel Cup" National Contes

Update time:2016-11-23

In the ninth "Intel Cup" National Collegiate Software Innovation Contest, three teams from the School of Computer Software at Tianjin University (one of which cooperates with the School of Computer Science and Technology) stand out in the final contests.

Prize-winning teams:

[First prize] E-LIFE Intelligent Greenhouse Team
Based on the requirements of convenience, efficiency, comprehensiveness and other elements, E-LIFE team built a intelligent automatic control system for the small greenhouse through Edison development board connected to a variety of real-time sensors to monitor the greenhouse environment indicators: light intensity, temperature, Soil moisture, etc.. It can also upload real-time data to the cloud storage through the Intel® IOT Services Orchestration Layer , compare the data with the pre-set standard, and issue instructions to the greenhouse environment system through the neural network PID control technology on the Edison development board connected to the regulator, in order to maintain the most suitable environment for the growth of the plant.
[Second prize] The A
The A team developed a set of novice-based billiard training systems using the IOT-sol and Edison boards provided by the Intel Company. When the application is turned on, the camera on the top of the billiard table can focusing on capturing the coordinates of the billiard ball, and then after the computation, it can project an indicator light (of course, the projector is also above the pool table), and then follow this light and you can hit Ball.
[Third prize] MonkeyGuard Intelligent Home Team 
The MonkeyGuard team consists of four students from Software Engineering major, specializing in Smart Home. At present, the domestic intelligent furniture market is not relatively mature product. But thanks to the development on Internet of Things, there are more things that can be discussed and researched in this area. The team is currently conducting a project called Safety Home, which is based on the development of the Edison board and the application of the Internet of Things to monitor home conditions, including real-time control of home flames, combustible gases and temperature indices, and also the Function on monitoring the personnel who is entering the home is also included, in order to guarantee home security.
Intel Cup National Collegiate Software Innovation Contest is a good opportunity for the students to improve their programming abilities. Students who are interested in participating in this kind of contest can pay attention to the notice next year and looking for the opportunity of participating in this representing the School of Computer Software at Tianjin University.

Congratulations to all teams!

(Report: Li Na at Beiyangyuan Campus, Tianjin University)