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Tianjin University Launches a “Virtual Reality Experimental Teaching Center”

Update time:2016-11-24

      On November 17, 2016, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, the launching ceremony of the "Virtual Reality Experimental Teaching Center" was held at Tianjin University. The Center will be jointly built by Tianjin University, Hua Bao Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Lei Jia Business Services Co., Ltd. Liu Yanshen (Vice Director of the National Engineering and Technology Research Center for E-Learning), Li Jiajun (Party Secretary of Tianjin University), and Lei Ming (Vice Party Secretary of Tianjin University) spoke at the ceremony.

        Virtual reality technology is developing rapidly in 2016. At the G20 Hangzhou Summit, Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, emphasized that China needs to build an innovative world economy and develop artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies. Many national ministries like the Ministry of Education have released a number of documents on virtual reality technology in the second half of this year to support its development. Of all the national strategies virtual reality is rapidly rising to a significant level.

        The Center, focusing on the experimental teaching processes of China's higher education, will carry out virtual reality technology research, develop virtual reality experimental teaching, high-quality course materials among many different disciplines, and build a national virtual reality experimental teaching platform for the sharing of teaching resources. In addition, it will provide a convenient and secure upgrade service of the virtual reality technology for all the national virtual simulation laboratories, and promote the application of virtual reality technology in higher education, which will contribute to improving the level and quality of experiment teaching in China’s universities and colleges.
         Li Jiajun said that the Ministry of Education has approved the establishment of 300 national virtual simulation laboratories and nearly 1,000 demonstration centers of experimental teaching. The development of virtual reality technology has reached a new stage. The center will upgrade and redesign the original virtual experimental teaching platform, speed up resource sharing, and take full advantage of virtual reality technology.

       Liu Yanshen said that during the process of building the "Virtual Reality Experimental Teaching Center", Tianjin University needs to make full use of its advantages in its established disciplines and scientific research. Besides, Tianjin University should strive to make breakthroughs in many areas including platform construction, personnel training, team development, scientific and technological innovation, technological research and development, standard unification, resource sharing, network security, and university-industry cooperation.