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Opening Ceremony held for foreign students at the School of Computer Software, Tianjin University

Update time:2017-10-23

         On Oct, 23rd, the School of Computer Software held the Opening Ceremony (Y2017) for foreign students in order to welcome all foreign students newly arrived at Tianjin University.  HUA Jianfeng (Party Secretary of our School), LI Keqiu (Dean of our School), SHI Hui (Vice Party Secretary of Our School), ZHANG Jiawan (Deputy Dean of Our School),  FENG Zhiyong (Deputy Dean of Our School), ZHANG Yikui (Dean Assistant of our School), and faculty representative Prof. Wong were invited to the ceremony. Since some students arrived in campus recently, we waited until the safe arrival of all students to have this meeting.
        At the beginning of the ceremony, Dean Li sent his warm welcome to all the guests, teachers and students who are present at the ceremony. He gave a detailed introduction to our school so that the new students can have a better understanding of Tianjin University and of our School. He also expressed his expectations to the future study and life of all the students from many aspects. He expressed his wish that all students can make full use of all kinds of resources here, be hardworking and be active in your course study and future research work. Also he expressed his concern that all students can respect and observe the law in China and the regulations in Tianjin University and stay safe during the stay in China. Prof. Wong also welcomed all the students as the representative of our faculty and hoped all students can enjoy their study here in Tianjin University.

        Prof. Zhang Jiawan also explained to all the new students the detailed requirements on how to get the diploma successfully in Tianjin University.
        Hope all the students can enjoy themselves and learn more about Tianjin University, learn more about China in the near future.